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I'm in a play, English in a Finnish accent. Can anyone record 13 lines, for me to imitate? Thanks. Hi I'm in a one-act play (The Green Hill by David Ives) at my high school, and the character is supposed to have a Finnish accent. She's a widow talking about her dead husband's paintings. The play is a comedy. My part is about 13 lines long. Is it possible for you to record it, in English in your voice, and send the audio file to me, perhaps as a podcast, so I can imitate your accent? Thanks in advance for your attention and possible help. The script is below: I am Mrs. Kretchmar. The first part is on the phone. The second part is in person. Mrs. Kretchmar: Yes, my husband took that picture. I remember the poster, it ays "travel". Jake: Can I speak to Mr. Kretchmar? Mrs. Kretchmar: I'm afraid Morgan died two years ago. Jake: I'm sorry. Is there any way you can tell me where he took that picture? Or maybe the company that produce the poster, would they know? Mrs. Kretchmar: It's a little more complicated than that. Jake: What if I come to you? Mrs. Kretchmar: You don't want to do that. Jake: What's your address? I'll come see you and we'll talk. Mrs. Kretchmar: Well - all right, if you really want to.... Mrs. Kretchmar: Here are some examples of my husband's photos. Jake: Fantastic. Mrs. Kretchmar: I think you'll see why it's somewhat complicated. Jake: But...all of these photographs.... Mrs. Kretchmar: That's right. Jake: Every picture is a green hill. Mrs. Kretchmar: Green hills were Morgan's subject. Except for a few pictures of me, all his photos are just like those. Green Hills. Thousands of them. Jake: Beautiful. Mrs. Kretchmar: He was always off somewhere, taking more pictures of green hills. India. Asia. Australia. He dies in Australia.... Jake: They don't say where they were taken. There's no way to know where he took any particular picture Mrs. Kretchmar: He did keep a catalogue of the hills he photographed. (takes out thick book) In this book. Jake: Great. Mrs. Kretchmar: But he didn't key the
Dec 17, 2007 3:48 PM