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what is for a spin I will take you to someplace for a spin. quick look?
15 gen 2011 08:47
Answers · 5
"For a spin" usually means "for a drive"... ie. spin the car's wheels. "Give it a spin" means "to try it" - spin the wheel of fortune and see what happens, or spin a top for fun. "A quick look" is "a squiz" in Australia. "Problem with your car, mate? I'll have a squiz."
15 gennaio 2011
No,if were Panther,he must hop on my back!!
15 gennaio 2011
Hop on Panther's back and he'll take you for a spin.
15 gennaio 2011
It is kind of like "to try it". For instance if someone said, "Take my car out for a spin". They are basically saying, try it out. I hope that is helpful! Have a lovely day.
15 gennaio 2011
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