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Xin Xin
what does "humor me" means? Does it mean "tell me"?
Jan 25, 2011 4:26 PM
Answers · 3
Yes. Depending on the context it was used in, “humor me” can mean something like “tell me anyway”. You use “humor me” when you’re asking someone to do something for you just to keep you happy. It kind of means “don’t argue with me about this, just do it.” For example, say you’re having a conversation with someone and you’re about to tell them your opinion on something. They don’t want to hear it, so you say something like “I know you don’t want to hear this but just humor me, okay?” Also, if someone asks you an obvious question (which they probably already know the answer to) they might say “humor me” to mean “I already know what your answer will be, but tell me anyway because I want to make sure.”
January 25, 2011
When you tell someone "humour me" what you want the person to do is to agree with what you are saying or what you may be saying. You want the person to agree with you just to keep you happy. • The husband thought it best to humour his wife. • I hold the purse strings. So you had better humour me.
January 25, 2011
humour me = make me happy, make me laugh
January 26, 2011
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