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What do: 疼你 and 顺你 mean?
Jan 27, 2011 4:29 AM
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In my opinion, 疼你means :cherish and pay attention to you; 顺你 means :accommodate you,make you comfortable.
January 27, 2011
(疼is the pain you have when your loved persons are experencing bad things or have the possibility to experence something bad ,like a cold , lack of food, anything)疼你=love you by not letting you do anything which is hard / tough/ hamful to you . eg. a father 疼a daughter/son/wife and so on , then the father does all the house ( anything hard) himself to show that he loves them , we can say this man 疼his families ... 疼is a little different from " love" , but if there is not love , there won't be any 疼。 if there is 疼,there must be any kind of " love" . anybody can 疼anybody . but nobody will 疼someone he hates .and 疼can also be conveyed in other ways . when a mother works hard to support her family , and her children feel 疼痛in the heart for the mother's hard-working .we can also say the children 心疼the mother . but the 疼is just in the heart ,so we can say 心疼。 another example, the food in the school canteen is bad , so the mother always tries to give more money to the children in order to let them eat outside to have better food . by the mother's behaviour , we can also say " this mother 疼her children . hope my lengthy examples help you feel the meaning of 疼。 顺你=obey you, obey your ideas . if you want to do something and i won't disagree with you . this means i 顺你。
January 27, 2011
“疼”有2个意思,two meanings,1, 难受的感觉,pain,sore。2,喜爱,爱惜,be fond of, dote on. Here is the second meaning. Generally we say“顺着你”not “顺你”,the meaning of “顺”here is:服从,obey. So for example: 如果你他很疼你,他就总是想顺着你。 Actually,there is “顺你”,it is a dialect of Beijing, means drive you to some place by the way. here "顺" means 顺便送,drive sombody by the way. For example:我顺你吧,我们同路。(I drive you back, because we go the same way.)
January 28, 2011
疼你;means love you and really care about you in the inner heart. 顺你:means I am willing to do whatever you told me to do In my opinion, to be frankly, the two words seem too fake, and pretended, Many boyfriends and girfriends would treat their partner at the early process of their relationship as "疼你,顺你". But because that they lost themselves in the complication for the other, so the relationship may not last long time. I deem that we should be the one as what we really are. After all , love is attractive and appease ,not accommodate or preform , unless has some special purpose. So I don't think these are two sound words
January 29, 2011
疼你:因为在乎你care about you、关心你,觉得你很重要,所以要保护你protect you,爱你。一般用在男女朋友之间,比如:“你应该找一个疼你的男人。” 顺你:按照你的想法,你的意思做事情,努力满足你的要求,生活中用的时候一般用“顺着你”。比如:“我想找一个一切都顺着我的男人。”;“让我什么都顺着你,怎么可能?”
January 28, 2011
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