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Are the grammer rules the key to speaking English easily and correctly !? Then why doesn't work to me ? I belive that learning grammer rules cann't help anybody to speak English effortlessly , automatically and easily and even correctly. I think , Listen and imitate natives or experts is the better way. be careful , I'm just talking about the Speaking not else. for example I can write this message but I cann't say it any more!!!!!!! well , now I want to know that It's my fault. Or totally learning grammer is not a good approach to improve our speaking ability.
9 Th02 2011 09:24
Answers · 7
Probably because you don't know them correctly. Example: Then why doesn't IT work to me ?
9 tháng 2 năm 2011
Said before, now go again: You always know, grammar rules derive from languages. Not on the contrary. You gonna make some + - formulas with the rules, or make some sentences?
9 tháng 2 năm 2011
to know grammar well, you have to know the structure/form of the grammatical rule and the use of this form in communication e.g. present simple tense: it's the first conjugation of the verb, and add s or es to the verb when the subject is third person singular(form) its use: when talking about facts which are always true like: the earth goes round the sun. with repeated actions: i always go to school on foot. so if u want to speak english effectively , you need to master both ;form and use.
9 tháng 2 năm 2011
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