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Thu Bao Nguyen Le
I need to improve my English. Thus, can you help me ?
2008년 3월 26일 오후 5:25
Answers · 5
My english is also not the best one, i also want to improve it. But there ist a group of english speaker, which improves their language. Sorry, i think i have to update my profile. But we can talk per email to each other. Because I want to know how other people in other countries are living. Do you agree?
2008년 3월 26일
I can practice English with you, So I'm ready to talk to you by email.
2008년 4월 6일
I'm a native speaker of English... you can email me sometime and I'll be glad to help :)
2008년 4월 6일
Yes, gladly I give you a hand.
2008년 4월 6일
tell me when do u come to chat, i will tell u. i can help u ok
2008년 4월 5일
Thu Bao Nguyen Le
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