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How do you think? Years ago I taught to say: 1. What do you think? 2. What do you think about it? 3. What do you think of it? instead of "'How do you think?". But I heard they say like this: A : How are you? B : How do you think? 1. Can you say "What do you think..."? 2. "How do you think?" sounds like "How do you think I am?". What do you think? 3. When do you say "How do you think?"?*I was taught to say*they say these things: sigh
Mar 8, 2011 11:45 AM
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Hi, this dialogue is understood by listening to the tone in a person's voice. A : How are you?[ Person A is asking Person B about their life/health etc, unaware that anything might be wrong with Person B] B : How do you think? [ It is obvious from this reply that there is something wrong with Person B and he expects Person A to know about it, so he/she would reply "How do you think? "in a sarcastic manner]
March 8, 2011
I still don't understand how 어떻게 can be translated to both "how" and "what" sometimes. So i can understand why it's hard for you to understand the differences between "how" and "what" in some situations.. But anyway :D 1: Yes. If you say "what do you think?" it could mean that you are asking for an opinion or it could be an answer to someones question. A: "What is this?" B: "What do you think?" 2/3: Same here but you don't use this when asking for an opinion. If you just say "How do you think?" it's usually an answer to someones question. A: "How does this work?" B: "How do you think?" - When you answer like this it could mean that the answer is obvious, or it could mean that you want the person to figure it out for himself. But you can say, for example, both "how do you think of me?" and "what do you think of me?". There is a slight difference though. When you say "how do you think of me?" i would say you are asking about how that person feels about you. It would be like asking, "in what way do you think of me?". Possible answers would be: "Like a sister" "I think of you as a friend" "i think of you only as a coworker" "What do you think of me?" i would say is more about asking about your qualities or characteristics. Possible answers: "I think you are cute". "i think you are fat". "you are a hard working person". It's actually much harder to explain than i though.
March 8, 2011
A : How are you? B : How do you think (I am)? Some more examples: A. Where are you? B. Where do you think (I am)? A. Why are you doing it? B. Why do you think (I'm doing it)? We give this kind of answer when we feel the answer is obvious and the question a bit silly.
March 9, 2011
Got it. Thank you Ria!
March 16, 2011
They're all right but I will add when someone asks you. "How are you?" and people reply "How do you think?" It can come off really negative so watch how you say it. When using "What do you think?" you can use it a lot of different ways. I personally use it when asking about something. Example: A: *picks up a purse in the mall* Hey what do you think? B: ... I don't really like it.
March 15, 2011
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