Do you have doubt of yourself ? What can I do to release anxiety ? I will to take an examination ,but do not have a lot of time for memorizing words ,so what can I do ?
Mar 29, 2011 9:14 AM
Answers · 16
Are you already using flash cards ? Do you have a friend or relative making questions to you trying to simulate the examination ? A little anxiety before examinations is healthy! (Of course I have doubts related to my capacities, I don't have doubts related to what I intend to do.)
March 29, 2011
Draw up a revision timetable with breaks in between. This site has more tips
March 29, 2011
420 lol
March 29, 2011
jogging and picking up the most imoportant thing right now,i think
April 5, 2011
Yeah,I see.So much sunshine to you .:)
March 30, 2011
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