How to improve spoken English?
Apr 1, 2011 7:37 AM
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I think the faster way is to chat with others . Don't be shy. Or u can watch English movies, and follow the actors to speak out it. I always use this way. It's always working , of course in my case. Everyone has their own ways. Just find the best for yourself...
April 1, 2011
1) talk with somebody that even if understands your meaning is willing to make the effort of correcting you even for small mistakes; this is crucial, otherwise you will never reach an 'advanced' level, as people are not anymore interested in correcting you, they are just satisfied that you can talk. 2) pick up a screen play in another language that you know very well and try to translate into English, with somebody correcting you;
April 1, 2011
April 1, 2011
1. Find Language Partners - Click on 'Language Partners' to find a native speaker to practice oral communication or just to learn about other cultures. 找语言伙伴 - 到语言伙伴中去寻找,要主动一点。可以从简单的对话开始交流。 2. Find a Language Teacher - You can find a professional teacher when you click on 'Language Teachers' to formally instruct you. Or you can hire a tutor to help you with your homework or materials. 如果你的经济上允许,你也可以找一名专业的教师来帮助你。italki上有不少的英语教师资质都是不错的。并且价格也相对一些培训机构的便宜很多。 Good luck !!! 祝你好运!!!
April 1, 2011
Record your own voice and listen for pronunciation mistakes. Many people hate to hear the sound of their voice and avoid listening to themselves speak. However, this is a very important exercise because doing it will help you become conscious of the mistakes you are making. * Be patient. You can change the way you speak but it won't happen overnight. People often expect instant results and give up too soon. You can change the way you sound if you are willing to put some effort into it. The following are some book references to help you improve your oral English: - Spoken English by R K Bansal and J B Harrison - Pronounce It Perfectly In English by Jean Yates, Barrons Eductional Series. - English Pronunciation For International Students by Paulett Wainless Dale, Lillian Poms. As for remembering the words you need to practice a lot ,the more you practice ,the more you will be able to use the words in their right context. Lots of reading , chatting, exercising, listening and speaking will help you use the words efficiently and with lesser mistakes in structure ,grammar and pronunciation. It is a gradual process and if you practiced on a continuous basis with real dedication you will sense a tangible progress and improvement sooner or later depending on your efforts. Good luck :)
April 2, 2011
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