why do you think the taxi driver is asking for $50.00 instead of $32.50? lee is a chinese student who has just arrived in the US to do graduate studies.After a long and tiring flight from china.she goes through customs at the airport.Then, with all of her luggage,she waits in line for a taxi.After a long annoying wait, she finally gets a taxi .However, te taxi driver seems friendly enough, and the taxi is comfortable, so she is able to relax a little during the long drive to her school.When she gets to the school. the taxi's meter reads$32.50,so she starts getting the money out of her wallet.But when the taxi stops the driver turns around, smiles at lee, and says that she should give him$50
Apr 1, 2011 1:30 PM
Answers · 6
It looks like the tax driver is trying to cheat Lee. If the meter says 32.50, that's how much Lee has to pay. or The taxi driver is telling Lee that 17.50 is a suitable tip for this ride in the US. That's too much, though. Poor Lee had better watch out!
April 1, 2011
He is greedy and thinks Lee is naive.
April 1, 2011
If she made him drive an hour or more away from his normal route, she must now pay his way to drive back to his route of origin. Putting him far away and making him drive back without a return fare would be costly for the taxi driver and the driver would lose money in the cost of gas and car wear. Sounds like a "long-haul" or out of territory surcharge.
May 3, 2011
because the taxi driver want to cheat her ,she is weakly! haha
April 1, 2011
It could be due to the airport fees, or luggage handling fee, or time of day surcharges. Maybe?
April 1, 2011
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