Can anyone help me with this Japanese sentence? "出来ることから始めましょうと 今の自分にできることをやってみようと" Can anyone tell me the meaning of this sentence? I can't quite understand it. Thank you very much!
Apr 2, 2011 3:56 AM
Answers · 2
できることことからはじめましょう。→Let's try to start from you can do something. This sentence talk to everybody. 今の自分にできることをやってみよう。→ Let's try what you can do something now. This sentence talk to you.
April 2, 2011
从自己能做到的事情起开始,现在的我想做什么做的到的... ...差不多这样吧。日语文章之中,别人容易猜到的东西一般都会省略。 先要看背后的故事如?这样才能明确的翻译写出来喔~
April 2, 2011
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