Jesscia zhang
could you help me correct this article? this is a chinese article, I translate it, please correct it 17 bits of advice for freshmen 1, what the most important thing in university is to position yourself that is what you’re exactly interested in. it is better for you to have more readings and more exercises. No matter how hard your course is, you should never fail to squeeze time to do other things you’re interested in, for there is endless energy hidden in your interests. 2, always remember, health is much more important than your grades. 3 if you enter a major you don’t like or aren’t good at, it’s ok to complain., however, if you can change department, do it, if you can stick to it, do it, as long as you survive, you’ll get wealth that others don’t have. 4 don’t overlook clubs, because they can help you find new life. 5 don’t join in clubs just to join in. 6 cyber love is a dangerous game, and you’d better refuse strangers on msn in the midnight, for you never know if it’s your father, your grandmother, or some scoundrel that you don’t know. 7 there is the happiest thing that is to help others and then to earn respect in the world. That is why we join in the ‘kindness club’. You will understand if you have been to the old’s home or to teach in a poor area. Though you will run into difficulties, you will get more warmth. 8 if it is possible to do anything, you’d better practice martial arts, if you are confused, looking at the rampage of cars in the campus, you will know how sorrowful it is to be week and feeble. 9 keep modest when you are powerful, for there is someone always more powerful than you. 10 don’t give up playing; sometimes playing is more valuable than book. 11 don’t lick others boots and run after the power, just like other students do. Power is a temptation, just because it is alluring, it is also extremely dangerous. 12 the most moving sort of feeling, yet the easiest ignorance, if the feeling towards our parents, and the feeling of those who love you and those who you love, as well as the wonderful relationships between you. 13 for boys, it is not wrong to pursue love, but the true love is tolerant, considerate and cool. It doesn’t blurt our rashly’ I love you’. Showing love, at the same time, is showing affection. 14 if you cant have a girl’s love, then lit it go , you can cry, but please don’t be aware that you are still single until the girl has married, please remember, no matter how wonderful the girl is ,when she faced a man she didn’t love, she has to be indifferent. 15 on-line games is the drug. If you are not afraid of indulging in it or your will is unbreakable, you can play, except one I met who is a person in my dormitory doesn’t indulge in, others all can’t. 16 it is the stupidest behavior that does a furious quarrel on BBS. Maybe you will fly into a rage, but please remember, your adversary will smile, for you’re very angry, there is no good consequence, for those who fail to show restraint. 17 for girls, affection is not the most important thing in your life, and do not lose your virgin body. Because I’m a male, I understand what the boy is thinking who don’t care virgin, they are very horrible.
Apr 5, 2011 6:37 AM
Jesscia zhang
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