Have a question about a korean expression Hello, Could you tell me what 것같아요 means please at the end of a sentence? I always heard that expression, i don't know if it's look like or to think?
Apr 6, 2011 7:17 AM
Answers · 3
It depends on the context ,but it is used to express... 1) your opinion on something 2) your impression of something 3) your guess Here are some examples of its usage. It looks like rain - 비가 올 것 같다/같아(요). = I think it's going to rain. It seems to become spring - 봄이 온 것 같다/같아(요). I think I need to go to see a doctor - 병원에 가야 할 것 같다/같아(요). I think so - 그런 것 같다/같아(요). I guess it will be interesting - 그거 재미있을것 같다/같아(요). ^_______^
April 6, 2011
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