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Learning Turkish !! .. I have been searching in many websites in order to learn Turkish as I'm really serious to learn it .. but till now didn't find such sites !! if someone know some good sites for freshmen learners .. please let me know ! Thanks in advance ..
Apr 6, 2011 9:28 PM
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http://www.turkishlanguage.co.uk/ --->>>> my prefer http://www.turkishclass.com/ --->>>> my prefer http://www.teachyourselfturkish.com/ http://www.onlineturkish.com/ http://www.learningpracticalturkish.com/ I hope,you can use that. if you have any problem,send a message to me. see you
April 7, 2011
You can also try this: http://turkish.pgeorgalas.gr/indexEn.htm It has sound and many exercises
February 17, 2012
April 7, 2011
April 7, 2011
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