Hilfe! Übersetzungsproblem! 请帮助我! 加强人口较少民族的法治建设, 抓紧制定与A 和 B 相配套的部门规章及实施细则, 进一步细化国家支持帮助人口较少民族发展的政策措施, 对于保障人口较少民族健康,稳定和可持续发展具有重要意义. a) In which order do I have to translate this sentence? b) What is the meaning of "细化" "相配套" and "抓紧"? c) If it´s possible, a german translation would be great!! THX!!!
Apr 7, 2011 8:40 AM
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Improving the legal system of the minorities, stepping up the enaction of regulations and implementing rules corresponding to A and B departments and elaborating the policies and measures for the development of the majorities are of great importance to guarantee the healthy, stable and sustainable development of the majorities. The subject consists of three parts. Maybe you can rearrange this sentence to make it more proper. "细化" means to make something more specific. "相配套" means "match". You make rules for section A and section B. And rules for section B probably doesn't match section A. "抓紧" means to speed up and do things more quickly because they're urgent. I hope this helps a little since my English is not so good.
April 7, 2011
thank u all! es hat mir sehr geholfen, vielen dank für eure mühe!
April 13, 2011
ich möchte dich helfen.aber zuerst ist da für mich schwer. ich bin chinesin und lerne ich jetzt deutsch. aber jeztz mein deutsch ist nicht gut,denn ich habe für etw 6 monats deutsch gelert. vielleicht können wir kennen lernen .
April 7, 2011
Sorry to Rabbit for "Incredibly nobody answer you".I used about 1 hour for his question so that can't see your answer.
April 7, 2011
Incredibly nobody answer you. Maybe it's hard to say.I try my best to help you in English. The first sentence “加强人口较少民族的法治建设”means improving the legal system development of the ethnic minority."抓紧制定与A 和 B 相配套的部门规章及实施细则"means formulating the department regulations and detailed institutions which relate to A and B as quickly as possible."进一步细化国家支持帮助人口较少民族发展的政策措施" means making some more detailed policies to promote the advancement of the ethnic minority."对于保障人口较少民族健康,稳定和可持续发展具有重要意义"means all of the above actions will have a profound meaning for guaranteeing health of the ethnic minority and social stability as well as sustainable development. Oh, god! It's so hard.Maybe you need an English major student to finish those.Anyway,I hope my translations can help you. P.S.,"细化" means detailed,but it's a verb only be used in “细化......政策”. "相配套的" means relevant. "抓紧" means as quickly as possible. If there were any further questions,you can contact me at [email protected]
April 7, 2011
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