please give me some examples of sentences which include 'in case ' or 'in the case'
Apr 7, 2011 11:11 AM
Answers · 4
'In case' or' in case of' mean if something should happen or happen to be. 'In case' is usually followed by a clause 'We'll take an umbrella in case 'it rains' 'In case of' is followed by a noun. 'We'll take an umbrella in case of 'rain'. 'In the case of' is used to introduce a particular example, instance or occurence. 'There are new developments 'in the case of' the Libyan woman who was raped.'
April 7, 2011
In case: Fire is very dangerous. In case of emergency, use the fire extinguisher. In the case: Robbery is done by people who wants to have something valuable. But in the case of John (for example) he robs for his family. See the difference? :D Try to visit this:
April 7, 2011
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