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what does this mean? achieve, reach, attain, gain, approach, acquire. accomplish, complete, finish thank you and what does the sentence mean? predators to up to the grasshopper. it means predators eat the grasshopper? sea dragon is sea horse 海马? you may be on to somethins. it means you maybe right?
Apr 11, 2011 4:46 AM
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[achieve, reach, attain, gain, approach, acquire. accomplish, complete, finish] These are very difficult for me to explain. Sorry, but I'll have to leave that for someone else to answer for you. predators to up to the grasshopper--There should be another verb here, like "Predators stalk up to the grasshopper" or "Predators move up to the grasshopper". The general idea is that the predators are approaching the grasshopper. sea dragon is sea horse 海马?--Sorry, I can't help with that either...I have no idea what that is :/ you may be on to somethins. it means you maybe right?--It should be "You may be on to something" but yes, it can mean "you may be right", or "That might be a good idea". It depends on how it is used. Sorry I wasn't really helpful, but I hope you can use the little information that I have
April 11, 2011
I suggest
April 18, 2011
" You may be onto something " means that you are going in the right direction with your thinking , sorry I did not include it with my earlier answer.
April 12, 2011
All these words describe in various ways “Success “in that they indicate the completion of something. I.e. Achieve = to gain or complete a particular thing Reach = to arrive at a particular point Attain = to be successful Gain = to achieve or obtain something Approach = to arrive at Acquire = to gain something Accomplish = to complete Complete = to reach the end of Finish = to arrive at the end of You should be aware that a lot of these words can have different definitions and you should consult a good dictionary. “Predators to up to the grasshopper “is incomplete, or taken out of context, and therefore it is not possible to explain, perhaps if you put the complete sentence on here it will be easier to understand. Sea Dragon is another name for Sea Horse but what your Chinese word means I don’t know but I think it is “Hippocampus “ which seems to have nothing to do with this though I have no doubt that there are many on here who will tell you. I am equally sure that the definitions I have given may be modified by better persons than myself on here , but hope this helps.
April 12, 2011
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