In english, about comparation, when I should use "as" and when "like" ?
Apr 13, 2011 12:01 AM
Answers · 5
"As" can be used in two ways to show that things are equal: "the same **** as" and "as **** as" (e.g., "He is the same age as his friend"; "He is as old as his friend"). "Like" is not really used for comparison in the linguistic sense (that is, it is not a "comparative") but rather to show similarity. So you could say, "She is like her sister" or "She and her sister are alike in many ways," but you're not comparing specific things. You CANNOT say, "She is the same like her sister"--you must say either, "She is like her sister" or "She is the same as her sister."
April 13, 2011
'As' and 'like' can both be used to talk about how things are similar. 'Like' is followed by a noun. 'She is like her sister'. 'As' is followed by a subject and verb. 'She's a good student, as her brother was before her.' Although people often use 'like' instead of 'as' in spoken English. Only 'as' is used to make comparisons with the '' structure. 'She is as clever as her brother.'
April 13, 2011
as.............você pode usar sempre que algo for exatamente daquela maneira, like.............quando for usado em sentido figurado exemplo> he eats like a horse.......ele come COMO um cavalo........Mas não é um. he works as a teacher........le trabalha COMO professor......Ele realmente é um professor
April 13, 2011
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