What is "吉佬"? I am sure the characters are used for sound for something else.Here's the context where it was used. This is an except from a 1949 publication from Canton.. Thanks for any information in advance Jeff 忽見有七個女人, 個個年紀, 均在十八廿二之間, 担張櫈仔, 坐齊門口, 細聲講, 大聲笑, 自己的母親八嫂, 亦在其內, 阿敍心中不免跳一聲, 話做乜咁多吉佬? 十足坐燈一樣! 正以為奇
Apr 15, 2011 5:33 AM
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Let me help u,but my English is terrible,I wish u can understand my meaning "吉佬"is a code word be created by GuangDong LuoDing's(罗定) gangland,it just meaning "girl". there is so many code word like this,for example “串 means (高傲、目中无人)"、“着草 means (跑路)” We call this code word "培话"
April 17, 2011
My pleasure
May 21, 2011
Thank you very VERY much Yellow Fish. I shall post the link here for you all to see what I'm done translating that chapter.
April 19, 2011
是“机佬”吗?=Two men dating
April 17, 2011
Thanks for all the help you guys. Maybe 西门大官人 may be on the right track. After all this is an old Cantonese book containing old slang. I don't think the word gay meaning homosexual existed in 1949 even in the English lexicon. Considering the earthiness of the book 倫文敘, it is possible that bunch of women could be transvestites. I am trying to translate the book into English.
April 16, 2011
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