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phrasequestion 1 The Boao Forum for Asia was launched ten years ago with the concerted efforts of organizations and individuals from across Asia. Q: does the "concerted efforts" mean a lot of efforts made by a lot of people? and "she has begun to make a concerted effort to find a job."in this sentence, the "concerted effort"has the same meaning as the first sentence? 2 and in the first sentence how to understand "from across Asia" , the usage is right? what does that mean? 3 Police in Indonesia say they have positively identified the remains of a suicide bomber who killed himself and injured 30 people in an attack last week. Security analysts meanwhile in Indonesia say a suicide bombing at a police mosque that killed the bomber and wounded 26 people is part of a new terrorist strategy. Q: Is there any differences between the injure and wound, why do the two sentences use two different words in one thing? and what does the "police mosque "mean? 4 he expressed deep concern over the magnitude of the conflict. Q: concern can plus "of" and "about", it still can plus "over"? and what is does that mean? concern over
Apr 21, 2011 4:45 AM
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Concerted effort can mean a) an effort that is planned or carried out by two or more people or groups with a common goal (as in the first sentence) or b) an effort that is made in a serious and determined manner ( as in the second sentence) As Brad said 'Across Asia' means from all parts of Asia. Wounded and injured both mean suffering harm or physical damage but wounded is usually only used when the injury is caused by a weapon or in war. In the case of suicide bombs both can be used. 'police mosque' in this news story was a mosque inside a police compound. Concern takes both 'about' and 'over' and they are used to mean the same. Concern 'for' is also used when the object is a person.
April 21, 2011
Regarding your questions about "concerted efforts," yes, you interpreted them correctly. "Across Asia" means all parts of Asia (e.g., China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, etc.). "Injured" and "wounded" mean the same thing: the writer uses synonyms to make the paragraph more interesting (using the same word all the time is boring to the reader). A police mosque is, I assume, a mosque where the police can pray five times per day, located on the grounds of a police station. Yes, "concern" usually takes the preposition "about," but the phrase "expressed concern over..." is also correct.
April 21, 2011
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