Can someone tell me the two meanings of this euphemism: 春梦了无痕? A flirtatious girl told my friend but won't give him a translation... just curious. Thanks!
Apr 22, 2011 11:17 PM
Answers · 6
it's a line of a poem means the matter vanish like spring dream without trace. but in oral chinese,春梦 means sexy maybe she wanted to tell ur friend that had a sexy dream......
April 23, 2011
search on the internet i find it's from a poem: meaning(i try my best): it's like a spring dream, when you get up in the morning, nothing has left in your memory.
April 23, 2011
I'd try my best... Basically it means a wet dream without an ejaculation if you translate it directly. But people seldom use the phrase in this sense in Mandarin. I suggest you use it with discretion.
July 14, 2012
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