What are the five most used and natural forms of saying "good bye"? I have read a list with dozen of ways to say "good by". ( Which one are the most used (in your country, region) Which one is more formal or informal)?
Apr 23, 2011 7:13 PM
Answers · 11
That's a ridiculous website. It has a hodgepodge of real greetings along with nonsensical, stupid phrases. It depends on what country you live in and where. In the USA you'll hear many different sayings, Bye Bye Bye Buhbye Bye Now See ya Laters Peace Alright Aight Ciao etc...
April 23, 2011
Unites States (In my opinion) Bye (Casual) Bye, Bye. (Casual) Good bye. (Casual) See you later (Less formal) Catch you later (very informal)
April 24, 2011
Bye, bye bye, good bye, see you, see you later, see you soon, until next time...mmm... cherio (for the english). It really doesn´t matter which one you use, they all mean the same. Good bye, until next time, have a nice day.
April 23, 2011
We Japanese say"sayonara"(good-bye)"matane"(see you again)"ogenkide"(take care),"mataau hi made"(see you later),jya-ne(bye).
April 23, 2011
I have to agree with Maidhc, most of that list is plain stupid. "Kamsahamnidah" is not even a goodbye; it means thankyou. Aside from the standard farewells, "ciao", "cheers" are commonly used in Australia, as well as "hooroo" or "hooray"(not as a cheer) by older folk.
May 5, 2011
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