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could u help me comprehend these sentences below. thanks a lot! 小兰傻不拉几的 (傻不拉几 是什么意思啊?) 郭涛个烂人 (烂人??)!!男人没个好东西! 薇薇演的做做死了(我不明白这个句话) !恶心女人!表情能不能别这么丰富啊!!! 晓兰对郭涛用情 (用情?) 太深换来(换来???, 你举用这词的一个例子给我吧?) 的是一次次的伤害... 郭涛,你口中的事业就是这样换来的 (我不太理解) 但是郭涛明明想攀龙附凤(攀龙附凤/???),可是他却不承认,这样只会伤害小兰更深 文揚&蔚蔚加油!!宋芸別來亂搞局 (乱搞局??) 这个郭涛到底咋(咋??) 想的啊 郭涛 就是个大坏蛋 那是谁把他推向(推向??) 立欣 不守妇道 ??? 的女人
Apr 24, 2011 6:02 PM
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傻不拉几 stupid, it is a colloquial style word 烂人 literal meaning: ''腐烂的人''.means someone who has no personality,kinda like scum. 做作:means speaking or behaving in an artificial way,hypocritical. For examble:The acting of the heroine was too artificial. 女主角的表演太做作了 死了 here is an ad. . she is extremely hypocritical.(to express with hyperbole,,almost died~~hehe) 用情:love. 换来: They have been paid for in territory and blood. 这是用土地和血肉换来的。 He bought fame at the cost of health and happiness . 他牺牲了健康和幸福换来了名誉。 攀龙附凤:someone who is a social climber,,play up to people of power and influence 乱搞局:to make troubles. But this word is seldom used .we usually say 捣乱 or 搅局. They are much the same. 咋:怎么 推向:bring to 不守妇道:conjugal infidelity,be lacking in virtue.
April 25, 2011
小兰傻不拉几的 (傻不拉几 是什么意思啊?) this is a colloquial expression, meaning "stupid, dull" 郭涛个烂人 (烂人??)!!男人没个好东西! 烂人:bad person 薇薇演的做做死了(我不明白这个句话) !恶心女人!表情能不能别这么丰富啊!!! it should be 做作 , which means doing things in an unnatural way. the sentence means "Wei Wei casts the role in a terribly unnatural way." 晓兰对郭涛用情 (用情?) 太深换来(换来???, 你举用这词的一个例子给我吧?) 的是一次次的伤害... 用情:pour love/emotion to someone 换来:get something as return eg: 他十分努力,换来了最后的成功。He paid a lots of efforts and was awarded by his final success. 郭涛,你口中的事业就是这样换来的 (我不太理解) Guo Tao, this is how you get what you call "your achievement"! 但是郭涛明明想攀龙附凤(攀龙附凤/???),可是他却不承认,这样只会伤害小兰更深 攀龙附凤:seek a fortune or get a higher social status through an advantageous marriage 文揚&蔚蔚加油!!宋芸別來亂搞局 (乱搞局??) 乱搅局:actively get involved in something that's none of your business, and most often produce some bad results or results that are not desired for others 这个郭涛到底咋(咋??) 想的啊 咱=怎么 used in oral Chinese. What on earth is Guo Tao thinking/has Guo Tao thought? 郭涛 就是个大坏蛋 那是谁把他推向(推向??) 立欣 推向:push something/someone to 不守妇道 ??? 的女人 不守妇道:not obey the (old, traditional) rules set for women. these rules are mostly ethical, like being loyal to her husband, being obedient to her husband's parents, etc Hope these help!
April 24, 2011
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