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❄The Arabic language has a great importance in Arab culture, heritage and literature because it is considered part of the Arab civilization. The following points summarize the importance of the Arabic language: 1- Arabic is considered one of the most important proto- sematic humane languages, which has preserved its linguistic and grammatical history since ancient times. 2- The Arabic language is the language of many peoples and tribes and this contributed to its spread in the Arabian Peninsula and the Levant. 3- The Arabic language is the language of Islam, the Holy Quran, and the Noble Prophetic hadith , and this has contributed to enhancing its value and prestige among Arabs and Muslims. 4- The Arabic language contributed to the rise of many civilizations, especially the European ones, which encouraged the Europeans to learn and understand it to identify their characters and words. Hussein m.
Jun 8, 2021 1:58 AM
Hussein mortada
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