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Last night, I went to Shuangqing Bay Park in the rain. It's been a long while since the last time I was there, and the views changed a lot. I went there in daylight before, and never in the night, so the night view is very new to me. The first thing that surprised me was the Fuyang science and technology museum. It changed its colors and patterns in the night, and one of those patterns that impressed me the most was a pattern that looked pretty like the night sky, deep and wide. The Grand Theater was already completely built, and it was hyaline. It was composed of several oval parts, and each part with different colors of light and the colors continue to change. These two buildings were built in the park. Apart from this, there are many real estate buildings around the park. To its southwest is Anhui Zhidi, to its northeast is Lifeng Group. These two buildings were light in the night, especially the Lifeng Group. They changed many patterns and the colors were very bright. To the lake's right south, were two over 240 meters tall buildings built by China Resources, and they were almost done, which were also the landmark of Fuyang at present. Because of the rain, there were fewer people in the park, so it was very quiet. The air was really fresh and the environment was clean and tidy. It brought me very nice feelings. I took a walk surrounding the park and the total trip was about 2 kilometers. After that, I drove home. I think I had a really nice night.
Apr 7, 2021 8:43 PM
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