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*Multilingual Native Speaker Group* Would this be a good idea? A small group of people (maybe 5 or 6 might be ideal) on a video call, each with a different native language, each speaking only their own native language - to join the group you have to bring a new language to the table and you have to be able to understand most of what is said in all the others. You wouldn't say anything in the foreign language, unless you needed to say a short word or phrase in order to ask for help with understanding something, for example to ask about grammar. You'd be in the group to practise your listening skills, not your speaking skills. You'd have to establish how quickly/slowly people would speak and how obscure the vocabulary they would use would be, to match the comprehension skills of the other people. What combinations of languages do people think they could cope with?
6 Oca 2023 18:26
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