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30 Professional Teachers and 74 Community Tutors are teaching French.
Victoria From France Add to Favorites
Teaches: Russian, English, French
Languages: Russian, English, French
I have always been passionate about langauges and it became my job. I teach 3 languages: English, French, Russian. I love communicating with different people and sharing my knowledge.

Hourly Rate
170 - 190 ITC
≈ 17.0 - 19.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
40 ITC
Phil From United States   Add to Favorites
Teaches: English, Spanish, French
Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Catalan, German, Portuguese
Since 2005, I've taught thousands of students as a professional language teacher. I love helping people master languages fast, so they can enjoy the many benefits of multilingualism!

Hourly Rate
100 - 204 ITC
≈ 10.0 - 20.4 USD

30 Minute Trial
40 ITC
Greg Moore UK
Greg Moore UK From United Kingdom   Add to Favorites
Teaches: English, French
Languages: English, French, Italian, Thai
I have been teaching English for ten years now. I have a bachelor's degree in modern languages, a TEFL certificate and a PGCE in ESL.

Hourly Rate
130 - 180 ITC
≈ 13.0 - 18.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
60 ITC
Frencheek From France Add to Favorites
Teaches: French
Languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Chinese (Mandarin)
I've been an italki teacher for a year and it's been very successful, so let's continue ! I live in Paris where I pursue a Master's degree in Linguistics in La Sorbonne University.

Hourly Rate
160 - 240 ITC
≈ 16.0 - 24.0 USD

Jonathan From France   Add to Favorites
Teaches: French
Languages: French, English, Spanish, Khmer, Thai
I am a professional online language teacher and a photojournalist. I hold a Cambridge TEFL certificate and a bachelor’s degree from London, UK. I am a friendly and well-travelled person, interested in culture, languages and communication.

Hourly Rate
190 ITC
≈ 19.0 USD

Helene From Canada   Add to Favorites
Teaches: English, French
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin)
I'm a French and English teacher with 15 years of experience. My specialty is helping people speak with confidence. If you're interested in my classes, please send me a message! You can also follow me @

Hourly Rate
180 - 210 ITC
≈ 18.0 - 21.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
50 ITC
Shachi Chotia
Shachi Chotia From India   Add to Favorites
Teaches: Hindi, English, French
Languages: Hindi, English, French, Urdu
I am a qualified language trainer with a teaching experience of 12 yrs. I have master's in English & French, along with 3 yrs post diploma in French. I'm a native Hindi speaker and can help you with gaining fluency in Hindi, English, French & Urdu.

Hourly Rate
120 - 130 ITC
≈ 12.0 - 13.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
30 ITC
Matteo From Italy   Add to Favorites
Teaches: Italian, Spanish, English, French, Russian
Languages: Italian, Spanish, English, French, Chinese (Mandarin), Russian
Do you get crazy for Italian, French, Spanish or English languages? if you want to learn languages for leisure, work, or study... Matteo Teaches know?

Hourly Rate
125 - 450 ITC
≈ 12.5 - 45.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
50 ITC
Adriano teacher
Adriano teacher From Brazil Add to Favorites
Teaches: Portuguese, French, German
Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese (Other), Russian
I'm a polyglot and I want to help you to have more fun learning another language. I'm very patient, friendly and experienced.

Hourly Rate
50 - 80 ITC
≈ 5.0 - 8.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
25 ITC
Mariela Schatz
Mariela Schatz From Argentina Add to Favorites
Teaches: Spanish, English, French
Languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese
I'm a certified Spanish, English and French teacher.I have over 11 years of experience.I teach all ages and all levels.I also work nights and weekends.Conversation, grammar, and exam preparation.

Hourly Rate
80 - 500 ITC
≈ 8.0 - 50.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
10 ITC