The official Korean language test is TOPIK: Test of Proficiency in Korean.


For those whose first language is not Korean, the TOPIK test is official proof of your Korean level. With a TOPIK certificate, you can:

  • Apply to study at a Korean university
  • Apply for jobs in companies and public institutions in Korea and overseas
  • Live in Korea or access education in Korea

There are two tests – TOPIK I and TOPIK II. Both TOPIK I and II are then further divided into sublevels. TOPIK I is for beginners and has two sublevels: 1 and 2. TOPIK II is for intermediate to advanced students and has 4 sublevels: 3,4,5, and 6.

When registering for the test, you must choose to take either TOPIK I or TOPIK II. Your final score will correspond to one of the levels.

Test Break down:

The test is usually held in Jan, Apr, May, Jul, Oct, Nov, 5-6 times per year. If you need to submit your test score before a certain date, you may have to take the test several months in advance to make sure the results are published in time. Please check the official Test scheduleTOPIK 한국어능력시험 for the latest registration date.

TOPIK scores are valid for two years.

Tips for preparing:

  • Before the exam, make sure you know the exam structure and feel confident about passing.
  • Self-studying can be good, but practicing with a native speaker is the best way to learn. Even if you’re taking TOPIK for business or academic reasons, you still want to sound natural when you speak.
  • Work with a professional. Professional Korean teachers know TOPIK very well and can give you hints and tips. To find a qualified Korean teacher, join italki. You choose your teacher, lesson price, and book 1-on-1 online lessons for any time.

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