Learning a language through online classes might seem difficult at first but what is really difficult is finding a good platform that has everything you need to make your learning journey a good one.

So in this article, we want to help you find the best way to learn Portuguese online without wasting your time, money, and effort.

Online classes help learn Portuguese

Online classes are an excellent way to learn a language because you can practice as much as you want, they are very interactive and they can also be personalized if conducted by a teacher or a tutor.

Your teacher/tutor can identify your areas of opportunity and tailor each lesson to help you improve.

Online classes can go at your pace. They offer unmatched convenience and flexibility.

But most importantly, you save yourself a lot of time. You can learn from the comfort of your house with

teachers and tutors in different parts of the world without you having to actually travel there.

The 10 best Portuguese online courses

No. 1. italki

Pros: italki is perfect for any student no matter the level, personalized lessons, you can choose between Brazilian and European Portuguese one on one and you can also get a $10 credit for signing up. After signing up, you can find a Portuguese teacher and book trial lessons. It’s very cheap compared to other language learning websites.

Cons: You need to book your lessons at least 12 hours in advance.

No. 2. Rocket Portuguese

Pros: Perfect for beginners and after the one-time payment you have lifetime access.

Cons: It is not challenging for advanced students.

Brazilian Podclass

Pros: Interesting topics and all episodes are downloadable.

Cons: No speaking practice and it requires a monthly payment.


Pros: Great for beginners and lots of different vocabulary topics.

Cons: No speaking practice and the exercises are not very challenging.


Pros: it offers Brazilian and European Portuguese, good for all levels and you can learn through listening and reading. 

Cons: Not very user-friendly and the monthly payment does not offer many perks.

Babbel Portuguese

Pros: Lessons put vocabulary in context, user-friendly, and interesting quizzes.

Cons: Brazilian Portuguese only and its method is a bit repetitive


Pros: It offers a variety of lessons, is very user-friendly, and can be customizable.

Cons: Brazilian Portuguese only, not very challenging for advanced students and very grammar oriented.

Lusa Language School

Pros: Different types of courses that fit your needs, you can interact with a teacher and classmates and there are homework assignments.

Cons: No one-on-one lessons, costly compared to other apps, and only offers European Portuguese.

Mango Portuguese

Pros: It includes both listening and reading and you can practice pronunciation by comparing your recording with that of a native speaker.

Cons: Some audio explanations and transitions may be lengthy and you study with the recording of a teacher. No real interaction.


Pros: A lot of practice with the chatbots and it allows you to compete with other users to earn points.

Cons: Repetitive and it relies a lot on vocabulary practice.

Tips for learning Portuguese by taking online classes

Why do you learn Portuguese?

Learning a language can be overwhelming at times but when done appropriately, it can be a great experience. Online classes fit your needs but you need some tips to get the most out of them.

Choose a platform that allows you to interact with a real teacher, because the conversation is the best way to improve a language but if you are a beginner and feel afraid to have a one-on-one class, you may then choose an app that focuses on vocabulary to start building your foundation.

Do not feel afraid to speak, your online Portuguese teacher will correct you. The online class is the best place to make mistakes, you are corrected and you realize what you need help with. 

Last but not least, be patient. Learning a language is a personal journey and do not compare yourself with others, each step gets you closer to your goal.


Considering all the facts, the best way to make the most out of your online classes is by interacting with a real teacher or tutor. What better place than italki? Do not go any further, book a class and you will see how fun and interactive it is. There are thousands of teachers and tutors to choose from who are looking forward to helping you learn and improve your Portuguese.

What do you think about online classes? I would love to read your comments in the section below and if you would like me to help you with your Portuguese, book a class with me. I have lived in Brazil and I can help you a lot.