A big part of knowing a language is the ability to speak confidently. Believe it or not, it is pretty common to find people who understand the English language but are not confident enough to talk because they have not mastered pronunciation. You may be able to speak English, but compared to a native speaker, you find that your accents are way off!

In this article, we have provided you with a selection of mobile applications that can help you speak English more clearer and more confidently. You may opt to have lessons with teachers online with italki or use the Say It English pronunciation visual study technique. There is a lot more in store for you. Read on to learn more.

1. italki

If you are going to learn a language, you might go all in! What better way to do that than with an online English teacher all to yourself? The italki app is ideal if you do not trust yourself to follow through with pronunciation lessons and need a teacher online.

italki English teachers

italki differs from other apps in that they do not have pre-prepared classes. You can find an instructor online who will help you work on your problematic areas. Since you have the opportunity to provide the teacher with a guideline of what you need and how you prefer to study, study plans and curricula are fully customizable.

An excellent way to polish up your English pronunciation is by interacting with native speakers. You’ll be able to master accents and proper pronunciation. italki allows you to freely interact with native speakers and language enthusiasts, and instructors from all over the world.

By doing so, you can learn English; master the written and spoken aspects.  Studying by yourself is not convenient for everyone. With italki, you can instantly connect with a teacher based on what you need and how much you are willing to spend. The italki app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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Here are the best resources for you!

2. FluentU

FluentU is another good resource for improving your English language pronunciation skills. The app is available for Android and iOS devices so that anybody can use it. FluentU uses authentic native content as the basis for its curriculum, which allows students to learn English and immerse themselves in English culture.

Students are most likely to understand the native pronunciation of words since the app is built to improve learners’ communication with native speakers. The app is engaging and fun because it uses existing media content such as music videos and movies and turns them into study materials. So, study time meets movie time – sounds like a fun idea to me!

3. ELSA speak: English accent coach

Do you want to get the American English accent, right? For non-native speakers, it may take a while to get the accent spot-on, but it would be a lot easier if you had an accent coach. ELSA speak is an android/iOS application that provides learners with private English tutors that guide them on their journey to mastering English pronunciation.

The app focuses on American English, and it is equipped with speech recognition technology that also provides instant correction and feedback. This unique feature helps learners pronounce familiar English words and expressions correctly. You can personalize your curriculum by deciding on particular topics and areas of interest.

4. Say it English pronunciation

Say It English Pronunciation lets you see sounds! Crazy right! The Say It app lets learners see a visual representation of their accents. This is a good alternative if playing back audio recordings of yourself doesn’t trick. You may be able to better judge your progress by seeing it rather than only hearing it. So how does this app let you notice sounds, you may ask? The explanation is more straightforward than it may appear.

The Say It English pronunciation app creates a picture from sound waves of what a sound would look like. You can then compare the view your pronunciation makes to that produced by a native speaker.

Cool right?

You can also slow down the pronunciation of particularly long words so that you can hear the pronunciation of each part of the word. Whether you are an android or iOS user, you can use this application. Using this app will make mastering English pronunciation easier for learners.

5. Sounds; pronunciation app

You may have been familiar with this app in the past, but a lot has changed since it changed ownership as of January 2022. While the app is still available for Android and iOS devices, it now specifies only American English.

Some of the app’s original features that set it apart from other learning tools are no longer available. Features such as the pronunciation charts for British and American English allowing students to choose which to focus on are no longer available.

If you are going to download this app, check for the most recent reviews and descriptions before doing so.

6. English pronunciation

This app breaks pronunciation down to minor units by helping learners master vowel and consonant sounds that they may have found problematic. Some of us may have difficulties pronouncing particular words; this app is an excellent option for you.

The app helps you learn proper pronunciation by offering detailed guidelines that clearly show how to pronounce words. These guidelines include pictures showing how to move your tongue and jaw to achieve specific sounds. What’s more, you gain access to videos explaining the art of pronunciation clearly. However, this resource is only available for android users.

7. Learn English daily

Learn English daily is an Android-only application geared at helping learners improve their English speaking and listening skills at the same time. The app has many exciting features that include an offline dictionary to help you work on your grammar.

The Learn English Daily app allows learners to improve their vocabulary by listening to everyday conversations with native English speakers. This will also help you improve your English language pronunciation.

This app is very well-rounded with a dictionary, features that address listening and speaking challenges, and daily conversations with native speakers to improve pronunciation.

8. Pronunroid – IPA pronunciation

IPA (the international phonetic alphabet) is an excellent resource for non-native speakers to improve their speaking and pronunciation skills. It uses a pronunciation chart with visual representations of different sounds. The Pronunroid app is designed to improve pronunciation using the IPA chart. Students learn through a combination of games and quizzes. 


There is something for everybody! ELSA uses speech recognition technology and provides instant feedback, while Say It lets you see the visual representation of sounds. Any of these resources you choose will help you speak clearly and more confidently. You can learn English more with professional human instructors that teach you to pronounce English words better with italki. Our instructors are sure to give you the turnaround you need.  Book lessons with us today.

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