The most common goal for students learning English is to improve their speaking skills. While you practice and learn English as a foreign language, you will try to meet native speakers. Get out of your comfort zone and try to have small talk with them in English and make it a habit. T Soon, you’ll be able to communicate with more and more confidence.

Here are some techniques to improve your English grammar and fluency.

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1. Communicate in English whenever you can

According to many English teachers and students, eloquence starts by frequently speaking the language. If you happen to know English native speakers, take advantage of that and always try to communicate with them in English. The best advice on how to improve your English conversation skills is to speak in English whenever you can.

2. Use the Internet

When it comes to improving your English and grammar, online platforms are of great help. italki, for example, puts you in touch with skilled English teachers who will help your conversation skills and will deepen your knowledge of English grammar.

Other websites and mobile apps are specialized in developing your vocabulary with the help of flashcards and vocabulary lists or in improving your grammar with various grammar exercises.

3. Learn English through conversations

Immediately after chatting with someone in English, write down the new words you encountered and the mistakes you made. This will help you improve your grammar and vocabulary. Additionally, it will pinpoint where the vocabulary are used, helping you get the correct structuring.

4. Emphasize phrases

Since grammar is the set of structural constraints and rules of a language, learning entire phrases instead of words can be very helpful. If you are studying with an English teacher, you should pay attention to how they use vocabulary in phrases. You can write down some phrases and grammatical structures they’ve used, and after each class, you can exercise by replacing words in the same phrases with synonyms.

5. Learn situational vocabulary and phrases

Practicing what to say in given situations and circumstances will give you the confidence to speak. For example, together with your English teacher or language partner, you can practice different dialogues to use at the restaurant, in the bank, or while shopping.

6.Try debating

Preparing for debates is a great way to improve your English and enhance your grammar. Ideally, you should have another person to debate with, for example, your English teacher or a friend. While debating, try to use different vocabularies to get the message around and carefully listen to their arguments. Debating with an English native speaker is a great way to enrich your vocabulary and practice the language. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes in English.

7. Read English novels and plays.

All English teachers and tutors will recommend reading English books. Reading is one of the most fun and efficient ways to help improve your English grammar. Novelists use rich vocabulary and different grammar tenses when writing. Moreover, plays elaborate on the ways of responding to conversations and questions. Consequently, reading novels will not only improve your grammar but will also enhance your fluency.

Final shot

The road to being grammatically accurate and improving your conversation starts with building your confidence. A good way to improve your language skills and develop self-confidence is by working with a private English tutor.

On italki, you can book one-on-one classes with a professional English teacher online, or a private tutor at an affordable price. The classes will be entirely personalized based on your needs. For example, you can use them to work on grammar and grammar structures, practice dialogues and situational vocabularies, or debate with your native English tutor. No matter your native language and English level, on, you learn English with some of the best English teachers online.

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