Russian is an incredibly beautiful language, one that is widely studied. Spoken by Pushkin, Tolstoy, and Nabokov, there is just something about it. If you are intrigued by the language, you can start by learning thank you in Russian.

Show gratitude and be polite to earn brownie points when you visit the largest country in the world. Russians are some of the most beautiful people in the world. Chances are that you might even know a native and want to impress them.

Why Translate Thank You to Russian

There are different phrases for saying thank you in Russian and we want to learn all of them. Here are some of the main reasons why you should know how to let others know that you are grateful.

  • To Broaden Your Vocabulary: If you want to become fluent in a language, you can begin your journey by finding out how to say thank you. Besides, the more words you learn the better your chances of mastering the language.
  • Different Ways to Speak Russian: One of the things that makes Russian a unique language is that there are casual and formal ways to speak it. It is important that you know how to say the correct phrase when in a certain situation.
  • Makes You Sound Local: Even if you just say thank you right, it will make you sound like a local.

In addition to the above, you can say thank you in Russian similar to how you say merci or gracias to people who do not even know the language.

How You Can Show Gratitude in Russian

1. Spasibo (Thanks/ Thank You)


The easiest phrase that you can use to thank a Russian is Spasibo. It is quite common for people in Russia to use the phrase when showing gratitude. Keep in mind that it offers a versatile way to say thanks.

Generally, you can say Spasibo when thanking someone when they complete something simple or to a friend. However, you can pair it with some other words to sound more formal.

As Spasibo is a simple word, it is very easy to memorize. The following examples will allow you to put it into practice.

  • Spasibo Za Sovet means thanks for the advice.
  • Spasibo Za Podarok means thank you for the gift.

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2. Spasibo Za Pomoshch (Thanks for the Help)

When anyone does a favor for you, it is best that you say Spasibo Za Pomoshch. Even though you can still stick to Spasibo, it is a good idea to add Za Pomoshch to express just how grateful you are.

You must say Spasibo Za Pomoshch when someone goes the extra mile for you. It is a more endearing phrase. Here is an example of a conversation to help you better understand when to use it.

  • Svetlana: Ya prinos tebe kofe (I bought you some coffee).
  • You: Spasibo za pomoshch (Thanks for the help).

3. Bol’shoye Spasibo (Many Thanks)

A great way to say thank you in Russian is Bol’shoye Spasibo. It allows you to show off your language skills. When you say Bol’shoye Spasibo, you must show enthusiasm in order for it to convey the message.

You should only say the phrase if someone has been very kind. But, it is considered more information. Hence, it might make you appear inappropriate in formal settings. In fact, if you say it to your boss, it would be translated as “Whoa, thanks buddy”.

To get this gratitude phrase in Russian right, here is a conversation that you should consider.

  • Vlad: Syurpriz! S Dnom rozhdeniya (Surprise! Happy birthday).
  • You: Bol’shoye spasibo (Many thanks).

4. Ogromnoye Spasibo (Thanks a Lot)

Another way to say thanks is Ogromnoye Spasibo. It ensures that you are able to tell the other person that you are very grateful to them. This phrase is also considered informal.

When you say Ogromnoye Spasibo, it ensures that you are able to show more emotion. It is a huge thank you that emphasizes gratitude.

If someone does something for you despite you not even asking for help, you will need to use this phrase to thank them. However, it is also used for sarcastically calling someone off when you are mad. The following conversation will enable you to get a hang of it.

  • Alexei: Privet! YA slyshal, chto tebe bylo tyazhelo, poetomu ya sdelal tebe pechen’ye (Hey, I came to know that you are having a difficult time so I got you cookies).
  • You: Ogromnoye spasibo (Thanks a lot).

5. Vy Ochen’ Dobry (How Kind of You)

Vy Ochen’ Dobry is a phrase that is regularly used by Muscovites. It also translates as “How kind of you” or “It’s rather kind of you”. You can use the phrase in a formal setting.

Unlike the informal Spasibo, Vy Ochen’ Dobry offers a more formal way to show gratitude. It is considered more polite.

Here is an example of Vy Ochen’ Dobry in action.

  • Yan: Ya rad predlozhit’ vam povysheniye (I am pleased to offer a raise to you)
  • You: Vy Ochen’ Dobry (I am very grateful).

To add a more personal touch, you can use Vy ochen’ dobry. YA ochen’ blagodaren which means “You are very kind”. It allows you to show a deep appreciation for the other person.

6. Moyo Pochteniye (Regards)

Translate thank you to Russian better by saying Moyo Pochteniye. It also translates as “My respects”. When someone passes away or is not present, you can use this phrase.

The following example will help you get a better hang of it.

  • Aunt Hilda: Proshu Vas peredat’ moyo pochteniye Vashey materi. Ona pomogala mne mnogo raz – (Please give my regards to your mom. She has been there in most times).

7. Blagodaryu Vas (I Am Grateful of You)

If someone has been very gracious or kind, you can say Blagodaryu Vas to thank them. Some common situations where you would use the phrase include when someone offers a ton of money, gives you delicious food, or saves you from an accident.

Blagodaryu Vas is used in settings where you owe someone your life for something they have done. You can say it to a parent, a teacher, a mentor, or even your partner. However, you must ensure that you say it in the right situation.

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Who would have thought that there were so many different ways to say thank you in Russian? Although you do not need to memorize each phrase, learning them will allow you to make a positive impression on natives.

Besides, you should always start learning a language by finding out how to thank others in it.

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