Brunch has become more than just a meal. It’s a unique social experience and a celebration of local flavours and traditions. The mid-morning ritual encourages face-to-face conversation and connection among partners, friends and family.

With the brunch scene thriving globally, the hashtag ‘#brunch’ has seen over 39.5 million posts across TikTok and Instagram, from individuals sharing their experiences and favourite spots. But with so many locations to choose from, where should brunch enthusiasts consider visiting in 2024?

To reveal the brunch capitals of the world, we’ve scored and ranked over 30 global cities based on factors such as the number of brunch spots per 10,000 people, the average cost of a meal for two and the number of people researching brunch spots in the city each month on Google.

Our research also highlights the most popular restaurants serving the best brunches in London and Paris by analysing brunch-related content posted on TikTok and Instagram. Plus, with tips from our experienced language tutors, you’ll be prepared to enjoy a delightful brunch experience in any city worldwide.

The top 10 global destinations to visit for brunch in 2024

Paris is the brunch capital of the world

Paris is crowned the best city for brunch in 2024. With an impressive array of over 1,676 brunch spots to choose from (7.74 per 10,000 people), the French capital has a variety of options to suit every taste thanks to its diverse food scene. 

With this in mind, it’s no wonder that Paris boasts the highest number of people researching brunch spots in the city online. There are over 90,500 Google searches each month for “brunch in Paris”. This popularity shows the city is a top destination for anyone looking to indulge in a mid-morning feast while soaking in the city’s rich culture and charming ambience.

Lisbon is crowned the second-best city for brunch 

Next on our list of brunch hotspots is Lisbon, Portugal. The city boasts over 461 brunch spots, and given its smaller population, this translates to more than 8.44 per 10,000 people – beating the leaders, Paris.

Lisbon is also more budget-friendly, with the average cost of a meal for two at £41.30, which is over £20 cheaper than Paris, where the same meal costs £63.21. Although there is less online demand for brunch spot searches in Lisbon (4,400 Google searches per month) this city offers an enjoyable and affordable brunch experience that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Barcelona is the third-best destination for brunch lovers 

Barcelona completes the top three cities worldwide for brunch enthusiasts. With a staggering 1,379 brunch venues to explore, both visitors and locals have plenty of options to indulge in. A meal for two in this vibrant Spanish city will set you back by £50.57.

While brunch may not be as ingrained in Spanish tradition as in some other countries, numerous local delicacies are perfect for a mid-morning meal. From the iconic Tortilla Española (Spanish Omelette) to crispy Tostadas (toasted bread), Barcelona offers a taste of Spain that’s perfect for a leisurely brunch experience.

The 10 most popular brunch spots in Paris 

Taking a closer look at what our top ‘Brunch Capital’ has to offer, we analysed search volumes and social media data to reveal the 10 most popular brunch spots in Paris. 

Café Kitsuné comes in first place as the most popular restaurant serving brunch in Paris. With over 144.3 million TikTok and Instagram posts and almost 6,600 Google searches a month, Café Kitsuné is a must-visit for Brunch enthusiasts looking for a photo-worthy experience.

Le Comptoir Général comes in second place, with a respectable 6,882 posts across TikTok and Instagram. The restaurant witnesses the highest search demand online with over 49,500 Google searches each month.
Following on from this, Holybelly, La Recyclerie and Le Loir dans la Théière round up the top five most popular brunch spots in Paris. If you decide to visit one of these notable locations, why not try ordering in French? Explore our wide range of language tutors for French to help you get started.

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The 10 most popular brunch spots in London

Despite ranking 19th in our ‘Brunch Capitals’ list, London boasts over 4,498 brunch spots, the highest individual number among all cities in the ranking. For those seeking a brunch experience closer to home, we’ve identified the restaurants serving the most popular brunches across London.

Renowned for its gourmet egg-filled sandwiches, Notting Hill’s Egg Slut takes the crown as the best brunch spot in London. With over 205,211 posts on social media, it’s the most Instagrammable location in the city. Notting Hill’s brunch scene is a standout, as four of its restaurants feature in the top 10, proving the area’s brunch expertise.

Chiltern Firehouse and Duck & Waffle follow as the second and third-best brunch spots in London. Both are celebrated for their visually appealing interiors and dishes, making them must-visit destinations for brunch enthusiasts.

How to order brunch around the world 

Our analysis reveals that global searches for the term ‘brunch’ have surged by 83% year-on-year since 2020, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

With numerous cities worldwide offering diverse and exceptional brunch experiences, it’s a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in new cultures. Learning a new language is a great way to prepare for such experiences. If you’re inspired to visit any of the top three locations featured in our Brunch Capital Index, here are some useful tips to help you get started:

1. Tips for Ordering Brunch in French

Ordering food in another language can seem scary but once you learn the key phrases and food items, it won’t be long before you feel like a pro. Here are some basic words and phrases you should know:

Common phrases and words

  • “Je voudrais” – I would like
  • “Qu’est-ce que vous recommandez ?” – What would you recommend?
  • “L’addition, s’il vous plaît.” – The bill, please
  • “La carte” – Menu
  • “Merci” – Thank you

Common brunch food items

  • “Le pain” – Bread
  • “Le croissant” – Croissant
  • “Le beurre” – Butter
  • “La confiture” – Jam
  • “Le café” – Coffee
  • “Le thé” – Tea
  • “Le jus d’orange” – Orange juice
  • “Le yaourt” – Yogurt
  • “Les fruits” – Fruits
  • “Les œufs” – Eggs

2. Tips for Ordering Brunch in Portugeuse

Common Phrases and words

  • “Eu gostaria” – I would like
  • “O que você recomenda?” – What would you recommend?
  • “A conta, por favor.” – The bill, please
  • “O cardápio” – Menu
  • “Obrigado” (male) / Obrigada (female) – Thank you

Common brunch food items

  • “O pão” – Bread
  • “O croissant” – Croissant
  • “A manteiga” – Butter
  • “A geleia” – Jam
  • “O café” – Coffee
  • “O chá” – Tea
  • “O suco de laranja” – Orange juice
  • “O iogurte” – Yogurt
  • “As frutas” – Fruits
  • “Os ovos” – Eggs

3. Tips for Ordering Brunch in Spanish

Common Phrases and words

  • “”Me gustaría” – I would like
  • “¿Qué me recomienda?” – What would you recommend?
  • “La cuenta, por favor.” – The bill, please
  • “El menú” – Menu
  • “Gracias” – Thank you

Common brunch food items

  • “El pan” – Bread
  • “El cruasán” – Croissant
  • “La mantequilla” – Butter
  • “La mermelada” – Jam
  • “El café” – Coffee
  • “El té” – Tea
  • “El jugo de naranja” – Orange juice
  • “El yogur” – Yogurt
  • “Las frutas” – Fruits
  • “Los huevos” – Eggs

By learning basic phrases, you can confidently navigate brunch experiences in French, Spanish, and Portuguese-speaking countries. And if you are not confident you can nail this culinary vocabulary alone, head over and find a French, Portuguese and Spanish teacher who can help you enjoy exploring new brunch spots and culinary delights in another language. 


To reveal the brunch capitals of the world, we created an index analysing 30 global cities on the following metrics: 

  • The number of brunch spots per 10,000 people
  • The average cost of a meal for two people (£) 
  • The monthly Google search volume for the term “brunch in [city]”

Additionally, to reveal the most popular restaurants serving brunch in the UK and Paris, we created a seed list of over 60 popular brunch spots cited online in articles and blogs. We then produced an index analysing the following metrics: 

  • The number of posts on TikTok using the restaurant’s hashtag
  • The number of posts on Instagram using the restaurant’s hashtag
  • The monthly Google search volume for the restaurant

All data was collected on 13/06/2024.

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