Ian Marshall
Professional Teacher
How difficult is “Atomic Habits” to read? A Review for English Learners Atomic Habits, the international sensation by James Clear has reached a level of fame few books ever achieve, especially non-fiction books. But, how difficult is the original English version to read? ➣ Overview: You probably know that the main idea of this book is that small changes in daily behaviour can have remarkable, often transformative, effects on your future self and that this book offers simple, actionable advice on how to identify and change bad habits and build good habits But, if English is your second language, how difficult is it to read? ➣ What English level is required to learn English? This book is perfect for level B2 students and above. However, if you are at a good B1 level you will be able to understand and follow the main ideas of this book. I read this book with my students at levels B1 - C2. For B1 levels you might need a dictionary to help you understand some words but you will be able to follow the advice without too much trouble. For higher levels, C1/2, you will be able to understand 99% of the vocabulary but will probably pick up a few interesting idioms throughout the book.
Apr 16, 2023 8:22 AM