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Reading books in your target language is a great way to improve your language skills.
2024年4月8日 🇯🇵日本語日記 あまりポストしていなくて、他のフョローするユーザーの投稿を見るたびに変な気持ちになります。 というのは、「なにもしてない!もっと練習しよう!」のような考えが繰り返ります。 つまり、ハロートークであまり投稿しないなら勉強時間が減ってしまうようなことですがいろいろ練習し続けます。 まず、スイスの仕事をする準備を立てるためにドイツ語の勉強に戻ってきました。ハノイに会ったドイツ人の友達からのおすすめは、ドイツ語でハリーポッターを読むことでした。「賢者の石」はキンドルでダウンロードして、もう30%を読みました。日本語より間違いなく早くて、元の作家のスタイルにふさわしいと思います。日本語のバージョンもすごく楽しいですが、特別なオブジェクトを表す漢字が色々あってネイティブのない者にとってし遅くする部分です。 他の読んでいる小説は、先月の始めた本以外に新海誠の「すずめ」の読み始めました。すごく楽なスタイルで書かれて、まだ映画を観なかったことでもとても魅力的な話です!想像世界に陥る主人公のこの物語はたくさんの素敵な思い出と夢のイメージを生かせています。 最後に、日本に帰った友達に手紙を書きました。 芸術みたいな作業で、この手で作ったことにはうれしいと思います。
Apr 8, 2024 4:41 PM
In this chapter Mrs. Frisby saves a crow named Jeremy and rides on its back to safety. Jeremy tells Mrs Frisby she can call on him for help in the future. **Vocabulary with definitions and audio for chapters 1-5. https://teach.italki.com/vocabulary/910556** https://www.italki.com/vocabulary/910556?sharer=teacher&utm_source=copylink_share&utm_medium=share_content&utm_campaign=vocab&hl=en Send me a message for your free pdf copy of this book. https://www.italki.com/en/teacher/13365914 Mrs Frisby looked again at the sun and saw that she faced an unpleasant choice. She could go home by the same roundabout way she had come, in which case she would surely end up walking alone in the woods in the dark — a frightening prospect, for at night the forest was alive with danger. Then the owl came out to hunt, and foxes, weasels and strange wild cats stalked among the tree trunks. The other choice would be dangerous, too, but with luck it would get her home before dark. That would be to take a straighter route, across the farmyard between the barn and the chicken house, going not too close to the house but cutting the distance by half. The cat would be there somewhere, but by daylight — and by staying in the open, away from the shrubs — she could probably spot him before he saw her. The cat: He was called Dragon. Farmer Fitzgibbon’s wife had given him the name as a joke when he was a small kitten pretending to be fierce. But when he grew up, the name turned out to be an apt one. He was enormous, with a huge, broad head and a large mouth full of curving fangs, needle sharp. He had seven claws on each foot and a thick, furry tail, which lashed angrily from side to side. In colour he was orange and white, with glaring yellow eyes; and when he leaped to kill, he gave a high, strangled scream that froze his victims where they stood.
The Crow and the Cat
Mar 30, 2024 5:33 AM
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