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Hello everyone, a new episode of “Let’s Check Out the News” is out! In this episode I’ll comment on an article titled: “Should You Take A Break From Social Media? Psychologists Reveal An Unlikely Suggestion” published on the web site of Inverse. As usual don’t hesitate to give me your feedback if you want. Enjoy. Useful vocabulary: well-being short-term relaxing effects anxiety and depression scrolling on TikTok or Instagram being sleep deprived total abstinence to point out to keep you hooked on social media to stay/keep in touch with friends and relatives a false impression a biased image a feeling of inferiority low self-esteem to check in with your friends
Is it really necessary to take a break from social media?
Nov 28, 2023 1:28 PM
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I hate Wechat always. At the first, it was just a social media platform like Facebook or Twitter but people could send at most 200RMB of a Red Envelope, and I still remember flying Red Envelopes among every Wechat groups on the Chinese New Year Eve. In 2011, it started another function scanning codes for payments and later on most of authorities use scanning codes to register for an apartment even for hospitals and schools. It is a bandit who has invaded every aspect of my life whether I like it or not.
November 28, 2023