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To all italki teachers: You were yourself before you were a teacher. Let’s introduce more about your personal experiences and strengths to make the lessons clickable with your students!
2 Types Of People Who’re Most Popular At Work! If you want to be productive, fulfilled and feeling happy at your workplace, look for (or become one of) the people who make teamwork great. Who are these types of people? 1. Resourceful people Resourceful people have the amazing ability to see a solution in just about every problem they encounter. Whenever you present them a problem they seem to be almost happy somebody finally asked them for the solution. They usually start with: “Well, hmm… what can we do here? I see what you mean… Are there any other ways we can look at this? Oh, yes! What if we do it…” , and they are already on their way to finding the best possible solution. Having such person in a team is a blessing. You know there is no place for negativity when working with them because you feel like swearing if you say words like: “It is hard, it can’t be done, why happen this to us”. 2. A visionary Visionaries usually think in decades rather than days or weeks and have a very clear picture what they want to accomplish in their lives. They truly believe that one man can’t do anything significant so they strongly believe in the team. They always look for the best team, not just any team. Considering this, it might not be the easiest task to work in a team led by the visionary. They are definitely demanding because they have very high standards for themselves but also for the people who they work with. So, where is the beauty of working with the visionary? Working with a visionary you always have a feeling you are working on something big; bigger than yourself. You know that even after you pass away something will stay here as a sign of your teamwork – one of the greatest satisfactions you can have in your life. Just imagine how it feels when you make a mark in your life that other people will remember. Wouldn’t that feel great?
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