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To all italki teachers: You were yourself before you were a teacher. Let’s introduce more about your personal experiences and strengths to make the lessons clickable with your students!
आज पर्न गएको जन्मदिनमा प्यारो भाइ Devin Stewart लाई धेरै- धेरै शुभकामना! तपाइले चिताएको सबै कुराहरु पुरा हुन् ! सधैँ स्वास्थ र सुखी रहनु ! भगवान दाहिना होउन् ! साथै आउने हप्ताको पहिलो बार अर्थात् आइतबार जन्मदिन पर्ने प्यारो भाइ Jóskua लाई पनि जन्मदिनको धेरै- धेरै शुभकामना ! तपाइको सपना पुरा होस् ! तपाइको उत्तर-उत्तर प्रगतिको कामना गर्दछु। (Also, happy birthday to my dear brother Jóskua, whose birthday is on Sunday this week! May your dreams come true! I wish you success in your life.) On this occasion, let’s learn some birthday vocabulary in context: जन्मदिन (Janmadin) - Birthday Mero janmadin September maa ho. (My birthday is in September.) उत्सव (Utsav) - Celebration Tapaai’ko janmadinko utsabmaa ma pani aaunechhu. (I’ll also come to your birthday celebration.) सानो पार्टी (Saano party) - Small party Kasto party garne? Saano ki thulo? (What kind of party should we have? Small or big? उपहार (Upahaar) - Gift Mero janmadinmaa upahaar dinu pardain. (You don't have to give me a gift on my birthday.) खुशी (Khushi) - Happy Tapaai’ko party dherai raamro chha. Ma khusi chhu. (Your party is really good. I’m happy.)
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