Miss WU
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Speak Like a REAL Chinese Mandarin Slang Swear Vocabulary Learning video learning resources, Instagram: ngchinesehk How do we say best friends in Chinese by using the most fashionable and native Mandarin vocabulary? This is FEMALE version. To say someone is the best or close friends, you can say 姐妹 jiě mèi or 闺蜜guī mì. 姐妹 jiě mèi means sisters, it can be used to describe best female friends or someone you’re not familiar with, to show you’re friendly, especially chatting online. 闺蜜guī mì is often used between actual relationships. You can say: 她是我的闺蜜tā shì wǒ de guī mì, means she is my best friend. When you want to say some male (he) is your best friend, you need to say 他是我的男闺蜜tā shì wǒ de nán guī mì.
Nov 10, 2021 10:10 AM