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SHARE |今日分享🔔 The Double Ninth Festival, also known as 重阳节(chóng yáng jié), is held on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month. It is also known as the Senior Citizens’ Festival.In 2022, the Double Ninth Festival takes place on 4, October, 2022. In ancient times, people believed that the double ninth day was worth a celebration. Since folk people had the tradition of climbing a mountain on that day, the Chongyang Festival is also called the Height Ascending Festival. The Chongyang Festival also has other names, such as the Chrysanthemum Festival. As "double ninth" is pronounced the same as the word meaning "forever," ancestors are also worshipped on that day.Customs and Activities Of Double Ninth Festival On the Double Ninth Festival, people hold many activities in celebration, such as enjoying the chrysanthemum, inserting Zhuyu, eating Chongyang cakes, and drinking chrysanthemum wine, among others. Climbing Mountain 登高dēng gāo Eating Chongyang Cakes 吃重阳糕chī chóng yáng gāo Enjoy Chrysanthemum and Drink Chrysanthemum Wine 赏菊shǎng jú & 饮菊花酒yǐn jú huā jiǔ Inserting Zhuyu and Stick Chrysanthemum 插茱萸/菊花chā zhū yú / jú huā ——————— Hi, I'm Vera李👩🏻‍🏫a certificated Chinese teacher who would love to share Chinese learning resources and offer courses for all levels Follow me and make progress📈 every day
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In this episode we are going to learn 【Cooking】in Chinese. -------------------------------------------------- As a beginner, there're some vocabularies that you didn't learn before, and native speaker's speed seems too fast to understand. But don't worry, let's do it step by step. 1st time: listen and catch the words you know already, have a guess about the content. 2nd time: look at the text to check if you guessed it right. 3rd time: listen one more time, repeat after it. 4th time: practice until you can speak as the normal speed without looking at the text. -------------------------------------------------- 我喜欢在家做饭。 wǒ xǐ huān zài jiā zuò fàn 。 I love to cook at home. 炒、煮、煎、蒸、油炸、烤,我都会。 chǎo 、 zhǔ 、 jiān 、 zhēng 、 yóu zhá 、 kǎo , wǒ dōu huì 。 Stir-fry, boil, fry, steam, deep-fry, bake, I can do all. 我的拿手菜是蛋炒饭。 wǒ de ná shǒu cài shì dàn chǎo fàn 。 My specialty is egg fried rice. 先准备食材:米饭、鸡蛋、玉米和胡萝卜等。 xiān zhǔn bèi shí cái : mǐ fàn 、 jī dàn 、 yù mǐ hé hú luó bo děng 。 First, prepare the ingredients: rice, eggs, corn, carrots and so on. 玉米剥粒,胡萝卜切丁。 yù mǐ bāo lì , hú luó bo qiē dīng 。 Peel the corn and dice the carrots. 先炒米饭,再放鸡蛋和蔬菜,最后加调味料。 xiān chǎo mǐ fàn , zài fàng jī dàn hé shū cài , zuì hòu jiā tiáo wèi liào 。 Stir-fry the rice first, then add the eggs and vegetables, and add the seasoning in the end. 闻起来很香,吃起来更香。 wén qǐ lái hěn xiāng , chī qǐ lái gèng xiāng 。 It smells good and tastes even better. 你也试试吧。 nǐ yě shì shì ba 。 You should try it too.
做饭 Cooking (Beginner)
Oct 2, 2022 10:57 PM
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