Caetano Thiene
In my city we are used to say we can experience all the four seasons in one day, whatever it be. For me the best type of weather is warm and sunny. Barbacena's climate is different of the majority others cities southeast of Minas Gerais State. The city is 1.160 meters above sea level . It can be extreme, in the summer we often get heat waves with high temperatures varying between 20 to 35 degrees celsius. We also get wet rainy days, sometimes pours down with heavy rains or hailstones which sometimes cause flooding and landslides, especially to the ones who live on higher ground. This year in the spring we are experiencing cold snaps all the day and according to the weather forecast it will last a few days. Spring and autumn are usually mild to warm but the evenings are generally chilly. In the winter the weather is freezing cold at night and mild during the day what is very pleasant.
Nov 11, 2021 8:27 PM