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💡Useful sentences for you to say if you have a hard time in your first Portuguese lesson: 1️⃣ Pode falar um pouco mais devagar? 📌 Use this sentence when you feel that your teacher is speaking quickly. You can always add "por favor" to sound more polite. 2️⃣ Não entendi. Pode repetir? 📌 If you are not sure of what your teacher just said, use this sentence, then they will repeat. 3️⃣ O que significa "X"? 📌 You just have to replace the "X" with the word that you misunderstood, then your teacher will try their best to explain it to you. 4️⃣ Como posso dizer "X" em português? 📌 If your teacher speaks your native language, you can use this one. Then, they will rapidly give you the best Portuguese word that you can use. 5️⃣ Eu tenho uma dúvida. 📌 If you are not sure about your understanding of the lesson, please, talk about it! You can also say "pergunta" instead of "dúvida". 6️⃣ Oi? 📌 "Oi" doesn't mean only "hi" in Portuguese. If you change the intonation, it expresses that something is not that clear. You can always say "como?" instead. 📢 Now, let me know: were you already familiar with these sentences and expressions before? Tell me if you've ever had a hard time during a conversation in Portuguese because you couldn't find the right words! What did you do? 😁
Nov 17, 2021 3:04 AM
Pedro Rogick
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