ali amini
one of the things that had had the fewest amount of change over the last 50 years, is the system of academic education. thanks to the pandemic this system has also changed to a big extent. everything has its pros and cons. although I think that online learning has many disadvantages, overall it is better than the traditional education system. for example in online learning, you can learn whenever you want. all of the sessions are recorded and available on the internet. you can ask your questions at any time and your instructor will answer them as soon as it is possible. you don't need to go to school physically and it saves your time and money. and on top of all, online learning helps educational justice. there are millions of children that do not have access to any teacher or school in their region. the internet makes it possible for them to become literate and have a better life. but there are some problems that can be solved with the development of technology, particularly Metaverse. for instance, teachers and students do not see each other in person. it may affect the quality of education and children do not have any social interaction with each other. they can not play with each other, and so on. it decreases the depth of relationships.
Feb 10, 2022 7:23 AM