Abdullah B
12/60 This just unconnected thought, the question grabbed my attention and I loved to participate 🖖 It depends, I think most of the people must have to learn the basics, governments have to make it free maybe even force people to learn the basics of education at least, sharing knowledge always beneficial in everything never the knowledge always was the cause of all goodness and ignorance was the cause of all evils. But I don't think it a good idea to make all levels of education free, but governments have to have programs for talented and serious people who may make the futures. Also, I am afraid if we made all the education system for free we may end up hiring bad teachers and lowing our standards to afford the financial entitlements, which is useless because we made the education free to high up the knowledge on the average not to low down our average knowledge. Another issue, making education for free will kill creativity, we as human love to be competitive, racing with each other, if education becomes free it will kill the encouragement source, why would the teachers and tutors make more effort for no reason, and we already discussed that government can not do all the financial work alone. So in my humble perspective, I think governments had to put more money into the liquidity of the education system, supporting talented people make sure the world hear their voices, also being generous with our High educated people and try hard to make them work and benefit their own country, not letting other developed countries stealing their valuable brains And leaving us with the bits, one day my country will stand shoulder by shoulder with the strongest countries in terms of science. I want to consume all letters I am allowed to write so if you still reading I 😍 you and if you are correcting me no words in the universe can tell you how thankful I am:"
Jun 20, 2021 3:27 PM