Chloe Sinclair
Professional Teacher
Are you preparing for a job interview in English? Here’s my top tip for you, as a Professional Teacher & experienced Recruiter. When answering competency based questions a great trick to structure your response is the STAR technique. Situation Task Action Response For example, let’s think of the question: “Tell me about a time that you dealt with a difficult situation at work”. You might say: “A while ago in my team, a key colleague resigned. This left the rest of us overstretched and reduced the quality of our customer service. My manager promised they would hire someone new, but they were honest that it would take some time. I decided to take action. Since I was very familiar with the role of my ex-colleague, I offered to help redistribute their responsibilities fairly among my colleagues. The result was that we were able to execute all of the necessary tasks, and customer service quality returned to normal levels. Soon after, a new colleague joined, and our workload went back to normal.” This answer clearly explains what YOU did, and the positive impact it had on your team & business. If you’d like personalised help in preparing for a job interview in English, I’m available now for an instant class!
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May 22, 2023 10:31 PM