Nouhou Abdoulkader
Jun 13, 2021 8:41 AM
Corrections · 1
Congratulations, your pronunciation is very good! At times you mumble and it’s hard to understand, but most ESL students have the opposite problem — they speak “too clearly” (which actually makes it really difficult for us to understand them). It would help if you would post a transcript in the future, so that we know what you’re saying and can more easily spot discrepancies. Words with pronunciation issues: Accepting: The second C should be pronounced as /s/, not as the CH in “Charlie”. When I…: Your W sounded a lot like a V. Family members: Your pronunciation of “family” was perfectly acceptable, but native speakers usually pronounce it as two syllables (dropping the sound of the letter “i”). Also, your vowel in “fam” was more open than in most accents of English, although it’s probably good for a modern RP sound. University: The end of the word was mumbled (assuming that was the intended word). Finally, this is no big deal, but you might want to aim for a more American pronunciation of the R sound, which is also used in most “British” accents nowadays.
June 13, 2021
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