ENGLISH WRITING. *05* OPPORTUNITIES / INVESTMENTS Hi italki friends! It’s something known than when there is a crisis, there also are several opportunities for people who know invest. However, it is not only necessary to know invest, but also to have a good quantity of money for these investments. Obviously, it isn’t my case, but nowadays I’m thinking over the possibility of buying an apartment, because maybe the prices can decrease with the current situation. The first aspect I think about, it’s to weight up the advantages and disadvantages of buying a house in contrast to rent one. What’s the real cost of buying a house? I firmly believe people don’t know what taxes they must pay. For example, if tomorrow I bought an apartment, I’d not know what I should assume. Parallel that, a good topic to talk about, they’re the mortgages. When people sign a mortgage, do they know what quantity of money they’ll pay finally? Do they know the real difference between a variable interest and a fixed interest? I really believe that people aren’t concerned how can oscillate a variable interest when they contract this kind of mortgage. In my case, I’ve never thought about it before, but these days, I’m looking for different information for understanding how it’s calculated each kind of mortgage, and being able to choose the best option depending on the conditions of the deal.
Feb 16, 2021 10:45 AM