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Do you tell the truth or lie in the IELTS test? What if you are stuck when expressing yourself, when you lack of ideas, what do you do??? What if you don't have any content to share the moment you are asked a question on an IELTS test? How do you feel about 'telling a lie' when this is the only solution on a test? I found my Chinese students have a moral issue when I help them overcome 'being stuck' when speaking a question. It's vital to be honest and tell the truth. We all know this, but the IELTS speaking test goal is slightly different. Listen to the podcast and find out how you can overcome 'lack of ideas' when expressing yourself or when you can't tell stories. You can simply imagine them. You'll have more clarity on the recording. Enjoy it and join my classes to prepare for your next IELTS speaking test, job interview preparation, or to prepare your business English and communication skills. See you in my classes now.
Do you tell a truth or lie in the IELTS test?
May 16, 2024 10:12 AM
Are you trying to speak too fast in English? So you want to sound more like a native English speaker. That means you have to speak fast English, right? Noooo waaaay :) There is a danger with speaking fast - you might lose clarity of what you are saying .. You may think you’ll impress people with how quickly the words come out of your mouth, but what they really want is to understand you. When you speak too quickly, you might start mumbling, dropping important sounds, or rushing through your vowels. Is this the kind of impression you'd like to create? What if people that are listening to you have a challenge with listening, what will this mean? .. Listen to the recording and to some suggestions I have for you + listen to my speed too and reflect on my example when communicating in English daily Making it a permanent habit will make all the difference. I hope it helps and chooe&book some of my limited slots to train with me now.
Are you trying to speak too fast in English?
May 11, 2024 3:32 AM
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