Do you have favorite person in specific field like actress and actor ? Some people have not only favorite persons but also favorite animation character enthusiastically. In Japan, it calls "推し(oshi)".When we say "We have favorite person", we say "推しがいる" in Japanese. The culture of "Oshi" have supported culture of Japanese animation and idle.Oshi is new word, but i think there are culture from a long time ago. Back to Heian period, almost 1000 years ago, there was the woman called "Sei-Shounagon(清少納言)" who wrote famouns essay about culture of anicient aristocrat "枕草子".She have served the woman called "Tyugu-Teishi(中宮定子)".She is younger than Sei-Shounagon almost 10years. But She really respect and love for very beatiful and sophisticated Teishi. No matter what she do, she really admire Teishi and gently watch over her. I think this is soul of "Oshi". Ancient and modern east and west, love is so powerful.
Feb 17, 2021 1:32 PM