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We want to help people become fluent in foreign languages by building connections with people from other cultures. Sharing something interesting about your culture brings people together.
As an ethencity of a historical background very few countries have the privilaged to be a nation state. In this sense Bangladesh has established in the emblem of Bengali Nationalism which inherits a sublime aristrocracy of dignity. Our culture is a reflection of tradions that inspired by both religious aspects and socio cultural aspects. But the best thing is not to celebration within a spefic community but a reason of festivities for others which draw us so near to each other . Although as a Muslim majority country Durga puja has been held in our country as an efficient manner. People from all walks of life celebrate the tradition in their own way. So Shab e Barat and Merry Christmas cannot be diffentiated within only a community the message of these tradition has a surmoumting affect of society. The appealing and messages are for everyone which establish us in a deep root of bonding and ceedibily. Pahela Bhaishak is the best example of the long lasting cultural tradition. It marks as the new Bengali calander ans the ethencity of Bengali natinalism refelcted the best. Although our culture has changes its outlook from the very old fashion i.e. do not pass infront of the elderly while they are eating ; the sensibility that reflect with the tradition embarks us as a part of the great culture of globalisation. The reverance remains the same rituality and customs got a new aspects and format. In this sense our culture has become enriched far better than ever before aside from the obnoxiuos minded people. The balance between the religious tradition and the ethencity is the best thing that makes our culture coherent and effective. This is one of the most imteresting side of our culture that can be decided without any hesitations.
April 11, 2021
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