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That girl in the floral dress is really cute. The bride in the white wedding dress was beautiful. Wear a thick jacket when it’s cold. People usually wear suits when they go to weddings. Men’s hanbok has a vest. ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● A: Excuse me, may I ask for directions? B: Where are you going? A: Where is the Yonsei apartment complex? B: It’s near Jamsil Station. A: How do I get there from the station? B: Take exit 6 and turn left. ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● [Right on. You’re all set, right? Wow, Mr. Ryu! Now that you have two arms, you look cooler! Anyhoo, let’s hit the road! Let’s move on to the next stage!] Startled by what the rabbit had said, Jung Dawoon got to his feet and shouted. “W…wait! Take me…..! Take me with you! I’m still alive!” Here! Here- Jung Da Woon’s voice was back at full strength, and it echoed in the trap. Unfortunately, he was way too far from the rest of the group, so no one could hear him. [Go on, Stage-2 is waiting for you!] Ryu Seungwoo felt something. Ryu Seungwoo had been moving forward because of the rabbit’s constant nagging, but he stopped and looked over his shoulders. Now that he was about to leave the dungeon for good, Jung Dawoon thought about his great teammate who'd lost his life by falling into a trap.
Feb 9, 2022 1:53 AM